Happy Birthday, Beethoven!!!

Everyone knows about Beethoven.

Hailed by musicians as the greatest composer of all time, listened to by little children in music classes across the world, referenced by everyday people in society, Beethoven’s legacy is eternal. 

But what is it about Beethoven? Why, of all composers, is it Beethoven that is revered by so many people?  Beethoven, more so than any other composer, is universally liked. And it’s undeniable that his music is amazing. You’d have to have a pretty good reason to say that you don’t like Beethoven.

 But beyond the pure aesthetics of it, Beethoven’s music is revolutionary. Beethoven bridged the gap between the old style of music, in the strictly classical style, and the romantic era of experimentation, expansion of style, and new use of sound to achieve something never heard before. A young Beethoven’s father, who wanted him to play like another Mozart, could never have imagined how Beethoven would change the future of music. It’s fascinating to listen to Beethoven’s different music through the different periods of his life, to see how he not only grew in compositional ability but how his massive change in style through the years really acted as an catalyst into a new era of music. 

I have memories of playing and listening to Beethoven’s music as a child, but I am not the only one who does. The same music that is nostalgic to me is also nostalgic to so many others. It never fails to amaze me how Beethoven’s music has been played for hundreds of years now, but each time I play it, I’m breathing my own life into it. I am playing his music in a way that’s entirely different than how anyone else has ever played it, and in this way, I think all of us are made up of a little of Beethoven. So, today, appreciate Beethoven, and wish him a happy birthday! Here’s to 250 more years of listening to Beethoven’s music, while also making new discoveries and innovations in the world of music. 


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